In their Suffering Towards Eternity; Prayers for Priests, Sisters, Brothers, Nuns


In these recent days of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, many of our religious have died.

I would like to ask that we pray for all our priests, sisters, brothers, and nuns who suffer with COVID-19, chronic pain, for those who are sick with terminal illnesses, for those trapped in a body fallen to coma, and for those in the end stages of life.

Let us also pray for the religious, and all caretakers, who care for their ailing brothers and sisters physically and spiritually, that those who serve the suffering have endurance during such trials.


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To a Future, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


Let us pray for our future Sisters and Nuns that they, like the Blessed Virgin Mary, will trust in their own annunciation of being called to a religious profession.

That they will not fear what they do not know, will bear in holy confidence whatever befalls, and that they bring into our world the Light of Christ brought forth through Mary.

In Jesus name we pray.


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To Serve with Joy, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


Blessed Virgin Mary, pray with us this day for our Sisters and Nuns. In the face of unending need, let them not be discouraged but always serve with joy. Let their hearts, so often moved with pity, always reveal their devotion to your Son. May their faith in Him help them to persevere through seemingly insurmountable tasks.  Guide them Mother, encourage them in their desire to love, as God loves, in a world that often does not love back. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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Lasting Dedication, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, hear the prayers we offer for our Sisters and Nuns. Guide them clearly in the work that you are calling them to do and grant them every grace to answer that call with courage, love, and a lasting dedication to Your will. We ask for Blessed Mother Mary’s intercession on their behalf for perseverance in obedience in the face of trials.


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