Prayer for Christians in Mosul and throughout Iraq

Prayer for Christians in Mosul and throughout Iraq

Lord God hear us as we pray, Mother Mary help us to persevere in our efforts, St. Michale protect us as we fight against the evil that threatens Christianity in Iraq. 

Hear our prayers that the Christians in Mosul, and throughout the Middle East, who endure persecution, including the burning of their churches, grief over injured friends and family, kidnapping, maiming, and even the death of loved ones, will feel the confidence and security that only our Lord can give in the face of extreme hardships. 

We pray for the cessation of violence against Christians within those borders. We pray that in that hostile region, leaders will protect their people, and individuals will protect one another. 

We pray that our Lord will shield them, give them comfort and peace in the midst of despair, that they persevere in their faith in the face of martyrdom, and for the Church to be the agent of hope and forgiveness. 


(2014, Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB)

And this from Frank Weathers, another Patheos writer, of praying against the persecution.