A Voluntary Poverty, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


Let us pray for our Sisters and Nuns that as they embrace their consecrated life the vow of poverty is more fully lived.

Upon entering this new life, letting go of material goods can be a challenge for some. Help them to release willingly the things in their possession—the sentimental things given in love, an item that has been a favored tool, something appreciated for the simplicity of the delight it brings—which may be viewed as “mine” instead of owned and gifted by God.

We pray that as they grow in their profession to be granted the courage and strength to desire and observe—in their dwelling, their words, their dress, and more challenging in their thoughts—that all is for His love.

Let their vow of voluntary poverty help them to attain the freedom to follow the way that Jesus—to release all for the glory of God.

Image pixabay.com, CCO, Creative Commons.