Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB wrote: Ascending, Thursday's Prayer for Priests
[caption id="attachment_10962" align="aligncenter" width="676"] .[/caption] Dear Jesus , right before your Ascension into heaven you told your apostles to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth upon receiving the Holy Spirit. We pray for our (More)
[caption id="attachment_10969" align="aligncenter" width="640"] .[/caption] A month dedicated the Virgin Mary, the week of the Ascension and Pentecost?! What better way to celebrate all three than to consider planting a rosary garden dedicated (More)
[caption id="attachment_10956" align="aligncenter" width="674"] .[/caption] O Christ of the Ascension, we pray that You will strengthen and refresh those holy women who have answered Your call to be set apart with You. They are for the world a sig (More)