Next to Godliness

This summer has been one of us staying purposefully close to home. After a few years of us being on a constant run, we made the decision to slow our pace down, and allow our summer vacation to be a break from the never-ending whirlwind in which we live. We’ve taken the time to focus our energies on our children, our home, and our relationship with God. Unfortunately, no matter how great our plans have been, we can’t find the peace that we’re seeking.

We like to think that our home is a place where God is welcome, where we invite Him into our family and our lives, but can He be found in the cluttered chaos which is my home?  Not “Is He here?” but can He be found?  Or does the mess and the chaos shield His calming presence from us?

Messiness is very tedious and exhausting not just to my soul, but to my eyes and mind as well.  In all of that fatigue, where is God?  He is ever-present, to be sure, but who has the energy to seek Him?  I know that I do not.

I have spent the past few weeks fasting and praying in an effort to purge from myself that which is not “of God.”  I have left this part alone.  It is the most difficult because it is not just myself, but the whole of my family which has fallen into this trap.  I am truly beginning to see it as a trap of the Evil One.  There is a reason behind the cliche “cleanliness is next to godliness”  I have scoffed at this saying many times, but now am seeing it with clear eyes at last.  The mess is a barrier to the sound of God.  It is a wall between my Creator and myself.

I will be spending the weeks from now until the new school year begins in penitential cleaning.  Sweeping the cobwebs from my house and the clutter from my soul.  We will begin our new school year in a house which has been prepared to welcome the Lord to enter in, because if He knocked on my door today I’d be too embarrassed to let Him inside.


photo credit: dandelions in a bowl on my counter. I took it. Don’t steal it.

About Rebecca Frech

I’m the 40-something-ish wife of my beloved Computer Guy.

I’m the adoring and incredibly proud mom of nine children…two saints…seven in training.

I’m my brothers’ sister and my parents’ daughter.

I’m a devout Catholic, an avid political junkie, able debater, aspiring home-maker, amazing friend, and I make the meanest Chicken Fried Steak you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating.

I’m a homeschooling guru, a writing addict, a sometimes public-speaker, and an advocate for staying true to the person God created you to be.

I can’t live in a house with white walls, sing Billy Joel songs while I wash the dishes, will read anything you put in my hands, and am completely obsessed with rhinestones and cute shoes.

I am just like moms the whole world over, and then some.

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