Four Perfect Hands

**My daughter was given an assignment to write about forgiving the unforgivable. This is what she gave me instead.

two sets of hands
hands that knew work
one set the sacrifice
the other the one that made it
both perfectly made
one that held the nails of sin
the other that gratefully received them

About Rebecca Frech

Rebecca Frech is a Catholic author, speaker, CrossFit coach, and the Managing Editor of The Catholic Conspiracy website. She is the author of the best-selling books Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschooling Book for the Rest of Us and Can We Be Friends? She is a co-host of the popular podcast The Visitation Project, and is a columnist for The National Catholic Register. She and her husband live just outside Dallas with their eight children, a German Shepherd named Dave, and an ever-multiplying family of dust-bunnies.
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  1. Viterbo Fangirl says:

    WOW. That is incredible!

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