What I Really Want For Christmas

It’s that Christmas gift-giving time of year again. Every year I give my family a list of practical things, because we live on a tight budget without a lot of wiggle room. Some years my family gets most of the things on my list, other years the budget is too small and there are no gifts for me under the tree because we simply couldn’t afford them.

But what I secretly really want is a new wedding ring.

Twelve years ago, mine got eaten by my son. (He had some pretty interesting sensory issues. It’s a long story, and not that interesting. He ate things that weren’t food. The End.) He didn’t just swallow the darn thing, he chewed it into a little hard ball of gold and stones. Although it was eventually…recovered…cleaned and repaired by an amused jeweler, and then sanitized by me, first in bleach and then in boiling water…I just can’t look at it the same way ever since.

Every year or so, I pull it out of my jewelry box and think about wearing it. I try to call up memories of my husband’s face when he slid it on my finger twenty years ago. I force my mind to focus on when I first saw it in its box and then on my married-lady hand. But no matter how hard I try, I end up picturing how it was that I got it back, what it looked like and how it stunk. (Gag!) Then I mentally shake myself, try to hide the look of disgust so I don’t hurt my ring’s feelings, put it back in the jewelry box, and close the lid.

In the years since my ring was eaten, I’ve bought nearly a dozen replacements for myself, inexpensive fashion rings that I mix and match with what I’m wearing, but none of them is really my ring. I want one bought by my husband and blessed by our priest. One that won’t eventually turn my finger green.

Unfortunately for my usually naked finger, this year is like the ones before it. We have more important things to buy than jewelry. (Ella needs a new wheelchair after growing more than 7 inches in 18 months, and we’re also saving up to build a handicapped accessible house.) But I also know that someday there will come a day when we don’t have more important things to buy than a wedding ring, just in time for us to renew our vows on our 50th Anniversary!


Photo credit: Luo Jewelry from their shop on Etsy




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