Revere the Saints, Or You Will End Up Revering Zucchini and Rice Pudding

Recently at The Coming Home Network, we’ve been tackling the question of how the liturgical calendar has impacted the lives of Catholic converts.  And reverts too.  Really, anyone who’s gained from the Church’s wisdom of scheduling feast days and seasons that cover pretty much the entire calendar year.  I’m planning to link later to some feedback from our members on the subject, so stay tuned.

I know for me personally, once I discovered there were more feasts on the calendar than just St Patrick’s Day, I started looking literally every morning to see which saint, or groups of saints, were designated for that date, and resolving to know more about them. Getting into feasts and seasons was one of the most tangible ways for me to learn the ropes of living like a Catholic. I thoroughly enjoyed researching how different saints and feasts were celebrated historically and in different cultures, and even if it was as simple as just saying “St. So-And-So, pray for us” at mealtime that day, it was a major upgrade to my daily prayer life.

I think for me too, the liturgical calendar satisfied a very human need to attach spiritual meaning to the natural change of seasons, as well as an opportunity to take each day as its own separate and distinct spiritual adventure.

And I don’t think I’m the only person who feels this way about wanting to make each day have its own individual personality- why else would we see so many dumb pseudo-holidays springing up on social media over the past few years?  Every day on Twitter, it seems another one is trending- I mean, for crying out loud, today is #NationalRicePuddingDay, yesterday was #InternationalCatDay, and we also just came off of – no joke – #SneakSomeZucchiniOntoYourNeighborsPorchDay.  The world is starved for the liturgical calendar.

So plug into the Church calendar.  Grab one from that table at the back of your parish, or look online at any one of the gazillion sites that tracks that sort of thing.  Revere the saints.  Or you will end up revering zucchini and rice pudding.  And that is not what I would call feasting.

Zucchini image credit: Pixabay. I drew the halos on myself.

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