Nerdy Catholic Tees – My Latest Clandestine Venture

I know I’m by far the least active Conspirator here- or am I?  If you knew what I was doing all the time, how good of a Conspirator would I be, really?  I let people like Larry D do all that up front stuff while I’m lurking in the background, always connecting dots…

That being said, I figured I’d call your attention to a new venture of mine, a partnership with my pal Seth Paine (also of The Coming Home Network).  It’s a creative outlet where we make t-shirts with Catholic stuff on them, and then check sales reports to see if anyone went for it.  It’s nerdy, and its’ Catholic, and it involves tees, hence the name: Nerdy Catholic Tees.

So far, designs have included some old images from vintage Catholic books, a couple plays on the “Keep Calm” theme, and, since Seth is a major DC Comics fan, a couple of shirts with nods in that direction as well.  Plus, some of the images have some pretty cool history- such as our Sacred Heart shirt, modeled off an emblem worn by the Vendee uprising, a Catholic loyalist rebellion that stood up to the violent “humanism” of the French Revolution.

In any case, head over to Nerdy Catholic Tees and check out some of the designs- we have men’s, women’s, boys and girls sizes and fits available.  Plus proceeds from one of them, our “Eucharistic Adoration: Praise and Worship for Introverts” shirt, go to support the Friends of Little Portion Hermitage.  Because really, what says “Catholic introvert” more than being a hermit?

Also, you need some new shirts.  Seriously, look in your drawers.  You don’t even listen to some of those bands anymore.

About Matt Swaim

Matt Swaim is the Communications Coordinator for the Coming Home Network and the former host of the Son Rise Morning Show on EWTN Radio. His books include "Prayer in the Digital Age" and "The Eucharist and the Rosary." His shorter hot takes on the state of the cosmos can be found on Twitter: @mattswaim
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