Overheard in Our House: First Blog Edition

Over on Facebook, every so often, I post something that one of our girls has said.  Such gems as #1 informing #2 that she had to be gentle with Daddy because he’s just a man…  Or when she said quite loudly that I was having lots and lots of vodka today, followed by “CAFFEINE!!!  I MEANT CAFFEINE!!”  Not forgetting the infamous “Doin’ lick a walls, Daddy” incident…

Well, today’s little gem came courtesy of #4.

This little lady stayed in bed a bit longer this morning as she doesn’t start nursery school until the afternoon.  She got up, came into the living room, and grinned at me.

“Good morning, Mummy. You look really cute when you’re in your clothes.”

Uhhhh…. thanks.  I think?

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Mummy to 5 wee girls. They're mad, but then again, so are we.
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