And So It Begins…

After working away in the background of TCC for the last couple of years, I’ve taken the leap and joined the giddy throng.  My apologies that the site is not as I’d like it to be; things are rather hastily thrown together and I’ll be tidying up as I go along (or shoving it under the bed… whichever works).

(Disclaimer:  That’s not me.  Or our house.  And our house would never be as clean as that in a million years.  Perhaps you’ve missed the part where we have 5 kids…)


But in the meantime, in the interest of getting something out there, here you go.  Our new blog, about life with 5 children and hopefully a wee bit of wit to keep you coming back for more. 🙂




About Le@h

Mummy to 5 wee girls. They're mad, but then again, so are we.
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