I suppose I’d better give you a wee intro so you can run for the hills while you have the chance.

Okay. So, I’m Leah.

From Northern Ireland, 30-something, Lay Dominican and Mummy to 5 beautiful girls.

Until recently, I was working full time as a Software QA Engineer, now I’m home full time and playing chauffeur to our youngest for her gazillion appointments.


Here’s The Old Progenitor.

From ‘The Borough’, he’s Daddy to the little crazies, a jobbing philosopher and pizza maker extraordinaire.

We’re rather fond of him. 😉


The kids.  Yes, there’s 5 of them. Even though I’ve been accused of cloning myself on more than one occasion.

All girls, aged 8 and under, including one with complex needs.  All very different little personalities.  Very VERY different…

In addition to providing the artwork and being the 5 Children in question, they’re likely to be the source of most of the wit around here.


Just to get it out of the way from the get go:

  • Yes, we know what causes that.
  • Yes, we do have a TV.
  • No, we’re not going to “try for the boy”.
  • No, we are not super patient/organised/anything like that (far from it).
  • We may well be crazy, but we already were before we had children!
  • I’m sure it WILL be fun when they’re teenagers.
  • They’re paying for their own weddings.
  • How do we do it?  I’ll let you know when we figure that out.
  • Yes, we do have our hands full, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
(Well…. Apart from their tendency to write on the wall and mess up a room within 30 seconds of entering it. I’d probably change that bit, being honest…)


It’s busy, chaotic, stressful, but highly entertaining.

Hopefully we’ll find something interesting to post about and you’ll decide to stick around, have a peek, and read some of the ramblings from our wee family. 😉