The Art of Mercy

The Art of Mercy

Mercy is the perfection of justice.
Hone your craft as your pruning blade.

Prune the vine. Purge branches of bitter fruit.
Branch again the fruitful branches.

The Sun shines from above,
the spring rains fall from above.

Divide the vine divinely–one vine branched
in the labor pains of growth:

Watch human nature in renaissance–
born anew from above in neonatal agony.

Against the wind–bind new tendrils to stake and line.
Into the wind–the upright stake, the justified line–

Cross next to cross line the vineyard rows,
vine next to vine fixed to the crosses.

Watch the rain fall on the just line
and unjust branches, nourishing with mercy:

the true vine–upright like the stake,
the branches–justified upon the line,

strengthened in cooling winds
and ripening in the autumn rain before harvest.

Justice perfected, honed through mercy’s honing–
labor pains relieved and the house stored up

for the fires of winter.

The Just Man Justices

Behold, the Glory of the Cross of Christ,
Love reveals the Way to Paradise.

His Throne might show us to the Tree of Life,
Scale pillar plum and crossbeam justified.

Each hair upon your head is reckoned.
Are you worth more than two-bit sparrows, yet?

Considering the lilies of the field
and hosts of sparrows carried on the wind,

the Prince of Peace who’s come to bring the sword
brings Mercy’s comfort by his iron rod.