After Father Hopkins

After Father Hopkins

Each night,

I consider the wisdom of putting to flame
all my life’s writings
so as to leave behind in ashes
my worldly attachment to my words.

Then morning dawns with you.
How terrible are your bright wings
when compared to my chemical physics,
such that as you read these words

my words are already burning for you?

Parvus error in initio magnus erit in fine

Parvus error in initio magnus erit in fine
-After John 10: 1-2
Believe me when I tell you this; the man who climbs into the sheep-fold by some other way, instead of entering by the door, comes to steal and to plunder: it is the shepherd, who tends the sheep, that comes in by the door.

Where the doors
are out of place
by design,

those entering by them
become thieves by design

of a thief’s designation.