The cardiac event of the world,
when labor gives Way to the End,
reveals the Song of creation
that only the Cross can mend.

The striated muscle and chambers
through which the Breath of Life flows
become the pulse of our neighbors
as only the Crucifix shows.

The mystical rose and her savior,
the Babe born of her laboring womb,
are united by more than four chambers–
by the cells of the Resurrection.

The miraculous sight of the Doctor
peering down through the new microscopes
explains to each of His students
the broken heart of the Cross and its yoke.

The Precious Blood of the Eucharist’s Chalice
and the Flesh of the Eucharist’s Heart
have a blood type the same as the Mother
who bore our Savior through her labor’s Heart.

And putting his hand to the plowshare–
his sword pulsing His Heart for the world–
the cross-section of cells from the Eucharist
are His Mother’s Heart’s blooming unfurled.

The blooming tears of the mercies of mothers
like a pollen of love from the heart
pour forth all the water and wine
at the command of the chief servant’s report.

Like lightning applied to a miracle,
the heart burning out under stress,
the microscopes see all the labor
of the mother’s son’s tortured duress.