God IS a Family [rev. 1-1-2019]

God IS a Family
-after Blessed John Duns Scotus, subtle doctor of the Immaculate Conception

I sing the family transcendent.

Though armies encamp against me,
at night, I surround them with fire,
with shattered jars, fragments burning,
and shouting to set them against each other.

I sing the Triune perfection.

Though my city is put to siege,
at night, I consume them with fire,
ignite the passions of their general,
and remove his head in his own tent.

I sing the Spirit Most Sacred.

Though I should walk in the shadow of death,
at night, I lead by iron rod and staff,
shattering the foe like clay scattered
and gathering up those the foe scattered.


I sing the family transcendent.

The will of Christ’s mother
receiving her Spouse.
Joseph’s dreams of their family
one day adopting her Son.

I sing the Triune perfection.

The Son returns to His Father
the harvest’s great yield–
Our Father adopting
we grains of His field.

I sing the Spirit Most Sacred.

The Spouse of Christ’s mother,
with Him eternally wed,
she’s adopted, too, by Christ’s Father,
Mercy perfectly mediated.

I sing Christ’s Body Eucharistic.

The Mystical Body of Christ,
the Bridegroom and His Bride,
the Head wed to His True Body,
flame’s consummation as Hearts abide.

I sing our mother’s mother.

The Son’s flesh from His mother,
His flesh pierced at the rib,
flowing His blood and His water
and our mother’s Mercy revealed.

I sing the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mater Dolorosa,
Cana’s wine become tears
flooding forth all your pierced heart
held in for thirty-three years.