At the Crossroads of Continents [rev. 12-6-2017; 4th attempt]

At the Crossroads of Continents

The King brings his bread, the King brings his wine.
From Salem without beginning or end:
Your catalog sings the outbreaks of peace,
Jerusalem, home, a place for all men.

Still walls are torn down and are built once again.
Still pillaging kings and emperors come;
Assyria, Greece, and Persia, and Rome…
Miraculous, still—dispersed still return.

Still Salem renamed, Jerusalem stands.
The faces are still unchanged in this land,
Melchizedek still as ageless of old.
Still fight and defend. A place occupied.

The City of Peace, it stands still amid
The ages of war, uncountable wars;
The casualties rise, no one seems to win,
For victory might be history’s end.