Five Perspectives of Deliverance

Five Perspectives of Deliverance


We heard the bloodcurdling scream
of a man outside the Church
at that very moment
when the Bishop breathed
upon the Oil of Chrism.


He pointed and jeered,
“You believe that is your God?!”
after rushing in a side door
and immediately rushing out
at the moment the custodian
of the Incorrupt Heart
of St. Jean Vianney
elevated the Eucharist


She was as straight as a plumb line,
her hands together and pointed in prayer,
eyes and mouth closed,
after falling to the floor like a great weight
at the moment she received Holy Communion.


He said, “I know what that is,”
as the hospital chaplain
gave Communion to another patient
in the psychiatric unit,
so the chaplain communed him.


He wept
all those tears
he had needed to
but had been unable to
upon receiving Unction.