The Crown of Victory

The Crown of Victory

The punctuation mark against all evil rests precisely in that, despite all other disorder it seeks to incite, what it seeks to corrupt continues to exist.

Whatever evils may reside in hell, the most remarkable point about them is that that which is in hell, in fact, still maintains a goodness of its existing in some manner. In short, the rebellion of evil can never, by the very goodness that is the victory of existence, be victorious.

Certainly, there is corruption, there is death, there are all the pains that come with them. But not one of these ills overcomes the very goodness of being of the lives which they afflict. The hope for any quality of life presupposes the existence of life itself.

We have in us some good, no matter how corrupt we may become. It is a strange mystery to us, of a perfect justice, that the very goodness of God, who is being, denies hell the possibility of not existing. However bad a place it is, it suffers its profound failure of continuing to exist. Non-existence, after all, is the only means by which the Enemy of Being could claim the corruption of victory that it seeks.

By raising all other means of cacophony, disturbance, and confusion of turbidity, the enemy has no means with which to deny existence. It does, so condemned in its means, have only that noxious smoke through which it raises the mere deception of instability, tempting one in existence and in life, to succumb to the strangest awareness of any claim: that the surety and consistency of the silent and unchanging goodness of being, Himself who IS Life, be forgotten, if not rejected and despised, through the intimidation of so many fears of uncertainty.

Fear of God, who is certain, who is faithful and true, is, of a matter of course, then, the beginning of wisdom, precisely by that unmoving certitude through which He consoles us, through the perpetual remembrance of Him, to be not afraid.

Victory, then, is to come and follow what is certain–Who IS certain–until one resides in that unfailing gold in which all jewels and gems of life are fixed, embedded–embraced–in the perpetuity their vital existence. He is the conquering of death through death for the sake of all life. Receive Him, and receive the Crown of Victory.