Holy Father Francis

Holy Father Francis

When Francis refused to allow himself
to be the idol that his father had made
in his own mercantile image any longer,

Francis disrobed of all those garments,
bought by his father for the finery of his monetary ways,
left them for a man who had lost his shirt,

and, in humility before the father of souls of that land,
whom Francis’s father had approached to reproach
his son for dishonoring his father’s motives,

uttered, “Now,” having dispossessed himself of even
the thin veil of worldly security that was his clothing
for the sake of the suffering servant,

“may I truly call God my Father”
Upon the hearing, the bishop, father
of souls of that land, robed Francis

in his very own episcopal cope
and permitted Francis to respond
to the call to honor our Father’s will.

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