Bard of bards

Bard of bards
-a deliberation with William Blake

Hear the voice of the Bard,|| is;
Whose Breath is Spirit, Whose Word is Son
Whose Intonation moves as Father
sending from stillness of eternity:
Intonation, Word, and Breath are One
& in the unity of three;
the Bard sings the Creation Song.

Listen to Exhale as to comprehend Word,
reckon the Origin as the Author heard
weeping for His lost ones through the Age.
Calling out light to some dark where they’ve scattered,
He is Love spurring Song to cry out in the chatter
of reckless deceits and of the misleading sage.

In beginning through in end || He is Bard of all bards ||
‘less they fail to hear His hopeful inspiring their words;
bards through generations, || let this song be your warning:
you have been duely informed of the true Bard’s justice coming:

With care, choose your words, responsibly listen
for the Voice whisp’ring in stillness, not our voices in din,
for you, too, are granted authority of the kind who also craft tears:
sing with mastery your verse |

| : the Master’s judging ears
remain on each even when he sings
words of pride to incite fear,
for created songs ought serve
Love’s melody: that bringing toward
triumph through our rhapsodic despair.