You Are Becoming

You Are Becoming

No one will be content with you,
least of all yourself.

No one will be happy with who you are,
least of all you.

You are not who you are yet.
You are becoming.
You will be becoming
Until you are being
Who you are to be.

If you find yourself happy,
if you find yourself content,
you are either deceiving yourself,
or you have become who you are.

I have not been sent to ease
your restlessness,
but to stir up your hearts,
to enkindle their flame.

I am not here for the world that you want,
but to be who you need for the world to come.

Be perpetually preparing
and when you are
you will be at rest
you will be content
you will be happy,
not in the way you want,
but for the way you need.