Wayward Blue Song

Wayward Blue Song

-circa 2007

Blue was the bird that landed on the branch and blue was
the color of his tune he was’a shiverin’ cold
in the winter morn for the worms dug deep until noon.

Blue was the sky as on every brite new day and blue was
the whisper of the breeze for in this time of dying
winter has its way, strangling life out of the weak with disease.

Blue was my heart the day that she left me and bluer
than the sky or that bird; now here I am with my new lady
and I think of her and pray to the Lord:

Oh Lordy, I’m glad that she left me.
Oh Father, man, I’m glad that she’s gone.
Please, Spirit, I know that you always move me,
So God take these thoughts or I’m done.

I’ll be done goin’ to your church Sunday
I’ll retire to my bed with no prayer
I ain’t blessing no meals, you can’t make me,
and I’ll become a drunk debaucherer.

Blue have I been ever since that day, so blue
is all I’ll ever be again
blue was the lady I left behind,
and now I’ma sorry blue son.