Point of Reference

Point of Reference

From here, I see the night’s mosaic of the star-lit sky
And I stretch out my arms surpassing the horizon
My view of arms goes on beyond the limitless stars

Proximity is magnifying my perspective
And the pulse that courses through your torso
Becomes synchronous with mine as we embrace
Beneath the heavens.

Does my heart follow yours or is it yours that follows mine?
Or is the question overwhelmed by the warmth
of our proximity– a measurement against the curve
of cooling air and Luna’s waxing light?

I do not ask:
what matters in this moment but you?
What matters now but us? Is the
immense question that overcomes not only us
but the finitude of what lies beyond our warmth.


Is what I see the same as what you see?
We look and use the word magenta
when we see hues of clouds encompassing the twilight
For in the least we both agree the word to use
is magenta, but is what is beholden in your
mind’s eye the same as what is in mine
or do we only agree on the word?


A flashlight or a torch?
We both know
we mean the same thing


You think it is a leaf of grass
I say it is a clover
From this distance none can tell
Except we’re with each other.


Distant as disagreement gapes
For it is night and though together

We are distant

In perception

A small gap in the beginning
Is a chasm in the end.

While now we pulse,
Will we ever more?

The question is not just to ask,
But time is experience–
Entreats the toppling of
What is not yet love

As we forget there is a sky with stars