In the Heart

In the Heart

Yes.  Hello.  Welcome, welcome.

Please, come in.

I do apologize for the state of the place.

I seem to have let it fall into disrepair.

Please, don’t mind the mess, either.

But do mind the furniture,

some of it is broken, too.

I just, well, I haven’t been able

to take care of the place as I would have liked.

And between decay and damage and neglect,

well, I haven’t been able to keep up with the needs.

But, still, you’re welcome to come in.

If you’re uncomfortable, please, rearrange as much as you like

until you feel at home.

Ah, home.  I haven’t felt at home here

for a great many years.

But still, you are welcome company.

Come, let us sit and talk,

let me try to make you feel at home here.

You’re always welcome here,

even if my hospitality isn’t the best.

It is good to see a friend

after these many years.

Now, stay as long as you like.

Perhaps you may even be able to

teach me

to stay here again.

Perhaps you can arrange things

to make me feel at home.