Horseless Carriage

Horseless Carriage

Progress without tradition
his horsebit success
with no succession.

The present without the past
is the horse unhitched from the cart:
a decaying harvest never brought to market.

Liberty without conservation
is license consuming only itself:
locusts feeding on locusts.

We are proud of our industriousness,
now having itself no industry,
technically, becoming the vaccuum

of the ouroboros of pride
feeding on its own veinglory,
feeding only its own feeding–

The dead and rotting horse,
kicked and beaten…and worshipped…
under the title of the golden calf.


-On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

The preemptive strike
by the Enemy
was at the family.

Through woman, the light of grace is born,
subduing the unresting revolt
lead by the Rebel of bearing light.

The war against the family
in the end, has already been won
by the Immaculate Heart’s triumph:

the Sacred Heart of her Son.
Tomorrow’s tears are today’s victory,
the unity with the Cross

that makes the family holy,
that keeps the family holy;
the Cross by which the Holy Family rises.

On String Theories and Proposed Particles

On String Theories and Proposed Particles

To date, the only specter of reason which quantum mechanics has contributed to our understanding of the physical universe is the premise that God knows how to play far more musical instruments than we will ever be able to prove He created.