God is a Family

God is a Family
-after Blessed John Duns Scotus, doctor of the Immaculate Conception

I sing the family transcendent.

Though armies encamp against me,
at night, I surround them with fire,
with shattered jars, fragments burning,
and shouting to set them against each other.

I sing the Triune perfection.

Though my city is put to siege,
at night, I consume them with fire,
ignite the passions of their general,
and remove his head in his own tent.

I sing the Spirit Most Sacred.

Though I should walk in the shadow of death,
at night, I lead by iron rod and staff,
shattering the foe like clay scattered
and gathering up those they scattered.


I sing the family transcendent.

The will of Christ’s mother
receiving her Spouse.
Joseph’s dreams of their family
also adopting her Son.

I sing the Triune perfection.

The Son returns to His Father
the harvest’s great yield–
Our Father adopting
we grain of His field.

I sing the Spirit Most Sacred.

The Spouse of Christ’s mother,
with Him eternally wed,
she’s adopted, too, by Christ’s Father,
Mercy perfectly mediated.

I sing Christ’s Body Eucharistic.

The Mystical Body of Christ,
Bridegroom and His Bride,
wed Head of His True Body,
consummation, Hearts afire.

I sing our mother’s mother.

The Son’s flesh from His mother,
His flesh pierced at the rib,
flowing His blood and His water
and our mother’s Mercy revealed.

I sing the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mater Dolorosa,
Cana’s wine become tears
flooding forth all your pierced heart
held in for thirty-three years.

Zeal for the House of the Lord

Zeal for the House of the Lord
-after Geoffrey Meadows, M.A.

It was not in outrage, anger, vengeance, or wrath. It was not vicious, rebellious, insubordinate, or disobedient. It was not unworthy, unclean, infirm, or insane.

It was a righteously indignant arm that precisely and accurately cracked the whip to drive the herd of goats, scrambling for coins scattering over the stone floor, to stampede out through the Temple Gate.

You can hear it–not a word or a shout, but a shower of metal reverberating, punctuated by uncoiled leather snapping.

Simply turn the tables.
Just get that herd moving.

On Universal Expansion

On Universal Expansion

Given the present empirical data suggesting an expanding universe, I cannot help but consider my strange intuition that God is blowing up a party balloon so large that everyone ought to easily be able to locate His wedding reception with no excuses.