Nineteen Years On – Grace Pending

Nineteen Years On – Grace Pending

Dust settled in my lungs.

I tried hard not to breath

but there was no escape.

What remains after all

these years is the smell:

pulverized cement, burnt metal.

And death. That smell was death.

That dust was death. It became

a part of me through my lungs.

I was just steps away weeks after

watching the silent slaughter from 

my office window. Unimagined violence.

Thousands disintegrating before my

eyes. But an eerie silence protected my

enclave miles to the north.

Red smoke and flames cremated

the lucky ones, those with no

chance to jump.

Buildings collapsed – inward.

Smoke billowed – upward.

Fiery metal shot out – everywhere.

The entire damnation unfolded in

silence. Surreal silence. Surreal death. 

Bloodless death. Undiscoverable death.

A city, a world, stood together for

one moment. Until we sighed, and

laughed, and rebuilt, and forgot.

And pretended otherwise.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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