Invitation – Grace Pending



The sky has invited your eyes upward so as to convince you that the sun’s warmth will last forever – but you’re not so easily fooled. And the night soon rolls back in.

The ocean has invited your body to come dance with it among the tides assuring you that they will never end – but you know better. And the waves soon retrace their steps.

The present has invited your ego to exert every effort on those things that will surely distract you until death – but you are terrified of losing it all. And everything soon disappears.

Your heart has invited you to live wanting nothing more than to extract the magic that lies dormant within your soul – but your head can’t let it go. And love, too, soon slips away.

Yes, you have always been invited.

But now it is truly time to go.



Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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