Barkley And His Guy – Grace Pending


His guy was out walking Barkley at his usual early morning hour.

Barkley was a puppy when we got our rescue – Teddy The Wonder Dog. Teddy is long gone and Toby sits in his place some ten years on.

Barkley still roams the neighborhood with his guy, although slowing down a bit, slightly overweight, and staying closer to home – Barkley, not his guy. I’m pretty sure that Barkley can’t see much anymore and is very likely deaf.

But on this day, I noticed something different.

His guy put Barkley in a little red wagon – an old radio flyer type – when Barkley was ready to head back.

And his guy pulled that little red wagon, slowly, cautiously, lovingly, all the way back home while Barkley sniffed the air, presumably comforted by the smells of his own place just around the corner.

Barkley no doubt has had a good life and has been well loved.

Good dog.

Good guy.



Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay


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