Bounded Tiger – Grace Pending



I am caged like the bounded tiger.

At turns I find myself pacing alone in anger, and then later lashing out at no one in particular. I am unsure where to find the handle, if one exists, that might allow me to twist this lock wide open and plan my escape.

But this I know.

Your pain infuriates me. Yet in my madness, I only push you away. What I keep failing to understand is that you need to indulge this hurt, to abide within it. And as you make your way through, you are sculpting your humanity – your very humanness – by engaging with the pain and then sending it back out with a sharpness and a simplicity that flows so naturally from your growing love.

Yes, I watched as you smashed apart most of what I had freely given you, causing me to stagger. But now I see you picking through the ruins, looking for the one true thing that you needed. Perhaps the only thing.

It is more than enough.

And I am proud.



Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay


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