Vegetation – Grace Pending



There is nothing particularly subtle about the cover it provides – sucking, as it does, at the wet, brown earth below while shielding its host from every manner of trespass and prying eye.

Life below flourishes, in ways underappreciated and unrecognizable to any outsider. An entire territory masked in various shades, resting upon an illusion of oneness that would never willingly reveal the truth.

How is it that we can acquaint ourselves with the earth’s vegetation and yet fail to see what we have in common?

Hiding behind a veneer of agreeable inscrutability, we reject the stranger’s attempts to pull back the cover. Afraid, mostly, that our reality will thereafter be labeled as false or reckless or vile.

And so life beneath the surface will continue as it has from the beginning. Routine, dependent on the world outside, yet always hidden from view.

And forever on its own.



Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay



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