Memories And Red Buicks – Grace Pending



Wiping away the few remaining droplets from the fender with a tired, old chamois cloth, I turned to my dad and smiled. He smiled back.

We were done.

There weren’t many times that we had worked together on some home project. But that day we both wanted to surprise mom for Mother’s Day. We worked well as a team, cleaning up her beloved, classic Buick. She hadn’t yet had the chance to take it to the car wash since winter’s end.

Garden hose in hand we had, just minutes earlier, watched with satisfaction as the mud melted away and drained off into the street. That gorgeous fire engine red had finally reemerged.

Soon after it was my turn to clear away the empty coffee containers and wipe clean the ashtray. Back then, cigarette lighters and ashtrays and hot cups of coffee were deemed essential for the ultimate driving experience – even if a full complement of seat belts wasn’t.

A final inspection and a mutual thumbs up allowed us to us to call mom outside (who had, we couldn’t help but notice, been eyeing us both through the front porch window the entire time).

Feigning great surprise, she hugged us and hopped right into the car.

Neither of us questioned why she already had car keys at the ready. But we quickly joined her for a ride through the neighborhood and down to McDonald’s for cheeseburgers and fries. Mom got a shake as well.

On Mother’s Day, she said, all bets are off, including diets. Who would dare argue with that?

So here’s to all the old red Buicks out there and the many memories that they still hold.

And Happy Mother’s Day!



Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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