Seasonal – Grace Pending

Seasonal – Grace Pending

I’m not sure when I first noticed that the air had turned a bit humid. Or when my shirt started sticking to my perspiring, warm skin underneath.

The good news is that my outdoor deep breaths no longer play host to those tiny, biting, winter crystals that always form quickly on the inside of my nose. But they’ve been replaced, of course, by today’s fresh batch of male pollen grains that so aggravate my hay fever.

Still, these defined seasonal breaks are always welcomed. Even my allergies suggest some sort of renewal, an affirmation, another attempt at new beginnings.

This spring, it feels as if we are emerging from two distinct winters – perhaps even in those places where meteorological winter is itself only just set to begin.

And to think it’s all been set in motion without us.

I stand here in silent awe of our complete powerlessness to prevent springtime from again arriving on time – no matter how hard it seems that we sometimes try.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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