The Smudge On The Front Porch Window – Grace Pending

The Smudge On The Front Porch Window – Grace Pending

Of all the things that I will one day miss, one is really quite odd. The daily smudge on the front porch window.

Actually, an entire window full of smudges.

Glass cleaner in one hand, paper towel in another, my day now concludes with getting that window sparkling clean so that we can both see through it, unobstructed, early next morning.

Neither of us want to miss a thing. Those tired people with their perky dogs. The calculated flight of the birds landing in the bushes. And, if we’re really lucky, a couple of squirrels putting on their next show right there on the porch close enough to chase.

I guess I now better understand the excitement that Toby feels whenever life in any form passes by. And while I haven’t yet, in my own excitement, taken to smudging up the window like he does, I get it. Why pass up a chance to be as close as possible without ever leaving the couch?

Someday, there’ll be one less chore, one less window to clean.

But for now, I’ll take those smudges for what they are, and I’m happy just to clean them up for the both of us.

Someone please pass the Windex.


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Image Credit: Pixabay

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