Isolation Observations

Isolation Observations


There are more families walking by my house these days.

Moms and dads keeping up with their kids riding bikes with those clunky training wheels attached (to the bikes, not the kids). Older couples in face masks walking side by side but – still fascinating to me – not holding hands. And an endless array of dog walkers. The dogs seem particularly happy to be out, their keepers less so. A few hardier souls are walking by themselves.

Some seem mindful of the distance between each other, a few remain pretty oblivious. But all keep walking by. Better to walk to nowhere and back than feeling held captive by just four cluttered walls I guess.

Very few cars pass through. The ones that do are mostly just heading over to the open pharmacy and grocery stores (you can tell by the numbers in the parking lots). But the liquor stores are also doing a brisk business. Eating, drinking, and medicating somehow always prevail.

I’m finding more time to write. In the long term that’s probably a good thing because, as they say, practice makes perfect. In the short term, I mostly feel as if I’m just honing some sort of stream of consciousness journaling technique. Not unlike how this piece will turn out.

Going back to normal life (a relative term I know) will no doubt feel strange at first. And I suppose on some level I’ll miss the daily walking parade whenever this is over. Only to replaced, once again, by an endless stream of cars unmindfully racing down the street to who knows where.

Still, I look forward to it.


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