Over My Shoulder – Grace Pending

Over My Shoulder – Grace Pending

The electric glare palpitating from that one hundred watt bulb over my shoulder no longer feels appropriate.

Commingled with daily life such as it is now, the harshness from that light casts all too stark a contrast, separating what was from what remains.

Certainly the words on the page that I’m reading look different, if not altogether strange. Here are stories about crowds, and work, and mindless movement afoot. It all feels like so much fiction.

But a good reminder that temporary things are temporary for a reason. Even when we don’t always know why.

I think it’s time to downsize to a lower wattage bulb with its softer glow. Maybe the words on the page will flow more easily then; melting more thoroughly, one into the other.

Just like the days still ahead of me.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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