The House Of Music – Grace Pending

The House Of Music – Grace Pending

There’s a front room that you can walk through,

if you just want to catch a note or two.

But the back door is always open

and you can settle right in.

Some nights, the music will lift you up.

Others will just bring you down.

Either way, you’ll want stay all night.

Because here, you’ll be ripped to pieces,

then put right back together again.

But never in the same way.

And always with a chance to start over.

Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted,

like you once told me?

Everything out there will be forgotten.

What happens in here insists on forever.

Until it’s over.

In this place that we call the house of music.

Come dance.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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