Our Lazarus Moment – Grace Pending

Our Lazarus Moment – Grace Pending

Lazarus, like the Phoenix before him, was raised up only to die again.

But where the Phoenix freed himself continually from everything that had existed before, Lazarus walked forward only once – and even then, he remained forever drenched in the knowledge of his own death. A lingering stench that leaves us mindful even today of our own rebelliousness, our own powerlessness, our own death.

We have come face to face with yet another Lazarus moment.

A moment not unlike all those that have come before. A moment where renewal breaks in, desperate for our attention and clamoring for our help.

And like Lazarus, we can react with force and determination even if we find ourselves unusually broken, unusually flawed, and unusually aware of the limitations that still remain ahead.

We might envy the Phoenix with its unending ability to begin again from nothing unburdened, as it was, by a past finally heaped upon the ashes.

But Lazarus taught us that we can always just start over again.

Right from where we are.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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