Foraging – Grace Pending

Foraging – Grace Pending

The squirrels are out in force this morning, successfully digging up fresh supplies. No lines, no waiting.

But not much social distancing going on.

I’ve been watching them for a bit from my window while I sit here, sipping a cup of coffee. I’m trying to draw some lessons from their behavior but so far . . . nothing.

I’m still working, although my commute no longer involves being squeezed in between a hundred plus other New Yorkers on the way to who knows what.

Our own means of foraging I suppose.

Shut downs, shut ins, shut outs – all happening as temporary, but life changing, plans continue to unfold.

But with great challenges comes great responsibility.

And greater faith.

To be honest, I’m still working on that last one.

Along with some much needed additional patience.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay

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