Simon of Cyrene, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

Simon of Cyrene, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests


As a way to help our priests carry their cross this Lent, pray this novena as a Simon of Cyrene. It was written for the Knights of Columbus in 2019 by the sisters of The Handmaids of the Precious Blood. The link for the full novena is at the bottom..

My Lord and My God,

“…this Lent grant me the grace to accompany priests into the desert in preparation for the battle for souls, for my soul. May I be a watchman and guard to help prepare them for the conflicts ahead so they can lead their flocks, and me, through death into life. As another Simon of Cyrene, enable me to truly be with my priests on the march to Calvary. Like Simon, I may begin fearfully, but turn any reluctance into courage and
make me ever attentive to how I may assist my priests on this lifelong Way of the Cross.”

From A Lenten Novena for Our Priests, Handmaids of the Precious
Blood, New Market, Tennessee, 20190.

Image by erge from Pixabay .

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