Discombobulated – Grace Pending

Discombobulated – Grace Pending


After laying out a series of traps for the fellow down the street, I suddenly realized that they were better suited to entice someone else.

Someone like me.

I guess that’s the danger. Our failures, our own acts of desperation, are more easily noticeable in others. And that often leaves us angry, and anxious, and discombobulated.

Mirrors are like that.

Until the only rational option left is to cut them off or to cut them down. To act as if we are really so different, so unique. So much smarter.

Go ahead, set the trap. Break the glass.

But don’t expect much of anything to change.

Except the ability to see clearly who you really are.

Broken mirrors are like that.



Copyright 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay


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