Meanings – Grace Pending

Meanings – Grace Pending


The challenge for us most days is in assigning the correct meanings to ordinary words.

While dictionaries can assist with precise definitions, they exist within a snapshot of time. A space that is stagnant, discrete, and detached from raw emotion.

We are none of these things.

We tear through space and time as if on some raucous, undisclosed mission. On our best days, we are easy on ourselves and easier to please. But our best days are more often goals rather than everyday practicalities.

And so words that have been left for us, shouted at us, and even those especially designed to appease us, take on meanings more often assumed than intended. Words are necessarily filtered through our experiences, biases, loves, indifferences, and past rejections.

But it’s not so much about hearing, not so much about listening more closely. Rather, it’s about winnowing that space between us. That space where words and emotions vie for attention, if not outright dominance.

And recognizing that both will always be necessary if we are to better understand each other.


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