Saint Kentigerna, Pray for our Sisters and Nuns

Saint Kentigerna, Pray for our Sisters and Nuns


Saint Kentigerna feast day is January 7. She was born of royal Irish blood,  married, and had a son — Saint Fillan.  Widowed, she moved to Scotland in with her son and brother Saint Comgan, to preach the Gospel and evangelize in parts of the country that were still pagan. Eventually she settled at Strathfillan,  and in time became an anchoress on Inchebroida Island in Loch Lomond.

Saint Kentigerna, you sought Christ and surrendered all in his name to evangelize and following the will of God, eventually becoming an anchoress; a calling of devout prayer in a solitary life.

We ask you to pray for our holy women that they too feel secure in their calling wherever it may lead,  confident in their prayers, and resolve in their commitment to serve Our God in the way he has chosen for them.

We ask all this in Jesus name.


Image by szerdiniki from Pixabay .com.

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