Study Finds End-of-Mass Announcements Take Longer than Average Homily

Study Finds End-of-Mass Announcements Take Longer than Average Homily

ACMPress – A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center determined that announcements read at the end of Mass take longer than the average homily, for the first time in Church history.

“I suppose we shouldn’t be astonished by the findings,” PRC member Ken Vass told ACMPress. “Our study concluded that the average homily length is 6 minutes, 32 seconds, and the average amount of time to read the announcements takes 7 minutes, 5 seconds.”

While the study doesn’t provide reasons for the shift, Vass did mention that Pope Francis had recommended to priests in February of 2018 to keep their homilies brief, “no more than 10 minutes, please!”

“It appears they took the Holy Father’s words to heart,” Vass continued. “Perhaps he should preach on the announcements now, which constitutes little more than reading every page of the bulletin, or call another synod or something.”

The USCCB has suggested the survey results be announced at the end of every Mass this upcoming Sunday.

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