And the ‘Most Absent Blogger’ Award Goes To….

And the ‘Most Absent Blogger’ Award Goes To….

I’d be a shoo-in for this if it were a thing.  Really.

I’ve been off the grid lately.  No excuses really – life just got really really busy, things started piling in on top of me, and other things had take a back seat… Like writing.  And once I’d left it for a while, it got pretty hard to pick it up and get going again!  But here I am…

So.  What’s the craic, I hear you say? (or not) Well, here’s the crib notes…

  • About 6 months ago I discovered some amazing products that have been nothing short of life changing around here.  It was a game changer for Naomi, and brought her from being 95% tube fed to sitting down and eating a Happy Meal with her sisters, within 48 hours.
  • I’ve also discovered just how much vitriol people have towards network marketing companies, even when they have amazing products that change a family’s life, almost overnight.
  • We had a death in the extended family, which was a huge blow and blindsided the whole family. R.I.P. Uncle Raymond. 🙁
  • We got to go on another Haven Holiday, this time to one of the parks in Scotland.  The girls fought constantly but had a great time.  And we managed to bring our laundry home this time. 🙂
  • We had a whole bunch of drama coming and going that I guess may be part and parcel of having 5 girls – nothing particularly blogworthy, but exhausting nonetheless.
  • Health has taken a bit of a battering, especially in relation to anxiety and mood.  For some reason this came as a bit of a surprise to me, even though, with everything else that was going on, it really shouldn’t have.  I seem to be getting on more of an even keel now, though.
  • Naomi got her surgery date for a gastrostomy, and, rather than a PEG, will be having a button device placed next Monday.  She’s come on leaps and bounds with eating, is probably about 50-50 with solids-tube feeds, but does still need help with getting enough fluids and calories into her, and this will be a massive help.  It will have its own challenges but at the same time it will remove a lot of obstacles that the NG brings at this stage.
  • The lease on our house is not being renewed in December (change in circumstances for the landlord as opposed to anything we’ve done) so we’re on the move again.

On the up side, we’re all still together and we’re all still talking to each other, and these ladies are still wonderful (even if a little bit crazy).

Absent Blogger image from Let Me Cross Over
Girls image… shamelessly stolen from my own Facebook page.

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