A Birthday Gift to the Blessed Virgin Mary



We gather insights to our faith through several Liturgical events in September. In my book, A Catholic Gardener’s Spiritual Almanac, I shared a story about the Mother Mary.

On September 8 is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary—her birthday. For me a sweet memory celebrating this day took place several years ago.

Directly across the street from my house lived a loving (and growing) Catholic family. I remember the day when they moved into the brown-stone ranch — at that time they were only a family of three, and the mother was pregnant. After many years of the single story house being vacant it would once more become a home. I was delighted when the young couple asked if I was Catholic and what churches were in the area. They decided to become parishioners at my home parish, and we became good neighbors as their family grew.

One pleasant September day I was in the front yard gardening and heard the laughter of children. Looking up I saw the small crowd across the road with the oldest daughter carrying a birthday cake. They were headed for the picnic table under the big oak tree.

I stared at the gaggle of kids and for the life of me couldn’t recall which of the children’s birthday it was. I also wondered if I had a card in the desk drawer that I could sign and hurry over to the appropriate child—once I remembered which one it was. I headed for the house, but before I even got across the lawn, the mother waved me to come join them.

I was delighted by the children’s boisterous greeting and amazed at the vivid-blue frosted cake. The children excitedly told me it was the Blessed Mother’s birthday. Now this was a cause for celebration!

Before the cake was cut each child offered the Blessed Virgin a gift…a sincere and heartfelt prayer of gratitude. What a lovely birthday bouquet our Mother Mary received!

Image by Nannica at pixabay.com.

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