Shattered Mug – Grace Pending

Shattered Mug – Grace Pending


You weren’t supposed to see me this morning.

I had intended to leave before you got up. But the white and gold coffee mug, the one you bought in Maine last year, slipped away from my hands and shattered all over the kitchen floor.

It was only 5 am when you turned on the lights to see what had happened. And I stood there, feeling every bit as guilty as the day I came home with that stray.

You somehow knew that instinctively.

With only your smile standing between us, you helped me clean up my mess (not for the first time). I was grateful for your company, even if only for a few minutes. Then I kissed your cheek and left, bag in hand. I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day.

Perhaps my clumsiness wasn’t much of an accident.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay

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