Thin Lines – Grace Pending

Thin Lines – Grace Pending


There’s a thin line between being mindful of our appearance and actually drowning in narcissism. There’s another that separates well-intentioned selflessness from horrific self-abasement.

Whatever we allow to be seen from the outside, however cleverly we may position ourselves, more often speaks to our poverty than to our wealth, to our weaknesses than to our strengths.

It’s only when we are no longer afraid to see ourselves fully, to recognize the dual-natured creatures we have always been, that we can finally begin to recast our discordant relationships.

Peace between us is obtainable. But only if we can first find ourselves disguised deep within the other.

There’s a thin line standing between us. One that is continually being breached.

Even when we intentionally fail to notice.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay


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