Patience And Fortitude – Grace Pending

Patience And Fortitude – Grace Pending


It’s altogether fitting that my dad spent so many years of his working life surrounded by lions.

No, he wasn’t a games keeper, or a hunter, or a performer. He was a New York City employee, a maintenance staffer for the New York Public Library in Manhattan. Part carpenter, part locksmith, part glazier, he could fix, repair, or replace anything broken that came his way.

These aren’t skills that were passed down to his youngest son, I can assure you.

But the lions. Oh the lions!

Patience and Fortitude.

The ones right there, in front of that world-famous, world-class library on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. Some Decembers, my dad even helped place the Christmas wreaths that adorned those magnificent beasts. Once, he was filmed and interviewed by a then-little known reporter for WABC-TV named Geraldo Rivera. Maybe not quite 15 minutes, but memorable nonetheless.

Patience and Fortitude.

He gave those two as much as they gave back to him.

And he gave us so much more.

What better legacy could such a quiet, gentle, persistent, and hard-working man pass on to his two sons than this?

Patience and Fortitude.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Birthday Dad.


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