Dog Talk – Grace Pending

Dog Talk – Grace Pending


If my dog actually talked, instead of just saying the things that I think he says, he’d probably remind me to take the time to smell the world.

Not literally, of course. I’m talking metaphor here. My nose isn’t nearly as sensitive as his.

No, I think he’d tell me to take a few minutes every day to thoroughly inspect all the things around me. And to be happy while I do. To see if I can figure out why my neighbor arrived here first, at this tree, or this pile of weeds, or this rusty stop sign, or this obnoxious opinion.

Maybe then I can better understand the person next door, if I could only figure out his fears and his hopes and his excitement through whatever clues he leaves behind. Maybe then I’ll get along with him.

Or maybe I’ll just forget everything and enjoy the walk.

I think, really, he’d just tell me to stop being so concerned about tomorrow and settle down.

He’s a good dog.


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Image Credit: Pixabay


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